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1. Conditions applicable to Pre-Ordered products


1.1     Pre-Order is the process by which you are able to order products in advance of the scheduled retail launch. Due to the nature of pre-ordering, the following specific conditions apply to Pre-Ordered products:


  • Delivery. Pre-Ordered products are targeted to be delivered before the retail launch date, provided that we have received your payment timely. Concrete delivery times depend on the moment the product is available in our warehouse. Standard Delivery timelines (2 to 6 days) will apply from the moment the Pre Ordered product is available in our warehouse. This information is best estimates only, timelines are not binding.
  • Payment. Your payment will be deducted as soon as the order is received (or, in the event of bank transfer, as soon as possible). We will not start the execution of your order prior to having received payment. For bank transfers this may mean that delivery will be later than set out under the bullet point above.
  • Separate shipping. Pre-Ordered products are shipped separately. They will not be shipped with regular product you may have ordered. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations from our side, the pre orders will show in your “goods shipped” confirmation e-mail and in your order status online. This is incorrect. Please disregard this information. You will receive a separate shipping confirmation once the product is shipped.

  • Product launch date. The scheduled retail launch date (product launch) for your Pre- Order product can be found in the product description page on the relevant Website.